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My name is Ray Lake, from St. Lawrence NL, now living in St. Johns, Newfoundland. I have spent the majority of my life within the music industry. My style of music has been written in the Newfoundland genre. My more notable songs are There's Gonna Be Time Tonight and Waltzing with Rita.

I am very excited to release my latest single, Newfound-Lab-Dia 


The song was written to celebrate Come Home Year 2022. As it is Come Home Year for Newfoundland & Labrador, I thought it fitting to write a song which celebrates & encompasses the whole province of NL.


I accentuated our rich culture, people, traditions, CFA’s, communities, Inuit throat singers, right down to our interchangeable climate.


In addition, I am releasing a compilation CD entitled “Fill Yer Boots”. This is a collection of my songs from various CD’s I have released over the years.


Hope you enjoy, Fill Yer Boots!


Stay tuned for my store, launching soon!




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